Get The Exterior Bricks On Your Home Freshened Up

Most of us spend more time inside our home, thus we are concerned about the interior décor. However, if the exterior of your home is dirty, old, worn, or worse, loose and missing bricks, it kind of takes away that “wow” factor the interior offer.

If the exterior of your home is all or partial brick, or just brick trim, that is missing mortar, loose bricks, or missing bricks, a masonry professional can make it all look new again. They have the expertise, experience, materials, and tools needed to clean and repoint your brick, making them look good as new but blended with the age of your home.

Why Not Pressure Wash The Brick?

This is a solution and many homeowners will do this with success.  However, a professional mason will have a full understanding of masonry and how weather affects them. With this knowledge, they know how much pressure to use with a power washer, what chemicals, if any to use, and how strong of a chemical mix.

Some precautions that need to be heeded when cleaning exterior bricks are:

  • Plain water will not remove the atmospheric soiling
  • Clean too abrasively can damage the brick and mortar
  • Strong mixture of chemicals can harm the bricks and mortar

Other services a professional masonry can provide is removing paint from brick, clean and repair stone masonry, paint brick or stone.